The Process

The First Two Meetings

We understand that choosing the right financial planner is important — which is why we offer up to two meetings at our expense.

We want to ensure we are the right fit in helping you reach your financial goals. That’s why the first step is an obligation-free meeting to see if GAP Financial is right for your needs.

At our second meeting, we will present a document based on insights gathered at our initial meeting, outlining the key financial Issues and Opportunities.

From here – and on your approval – the planning process begins.


Strategy Formulation

We call this stage of the process the ‘First Fitting’

The strategy formulation stage is where the more technical aspects of the advice process come into play.

GAP Financial will look at a range of financial strategies and options and, in consultation with you, determine those that will best help you achieve your financial goals.


Documentation Of Your Financial Plan

Once we have determined the right financial strategies to meet your goals, we will present to you a series of detailed recommendations. This will all be included in a document referred to as a “Statement of Advice”.


Implementing Your Plan

The implementation stage involves putting in place our recommendations and may involve working with other specialists professionals such as your banker, solicitor or accountant where necessary.

You will receive monthly updates on the progress of implementation until the job is done.


Review – Keeping Things On Track

Once your financial plan is in place, GAP Financial will review your plan to assess how you are tracking. As we all know, things in our lives rarely stay the same, so it is important that we factor in any changes as they occur to reach the best possible outcome for you.